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Back to India, May 7, 2019…what makes this camp different from all other camps (clinics)? This is our first camp out of the Project Starfish – Holy Cross Hospital (HCH) – Nagercoil hub.

The main players (total 23) from HCH Nagercoil packed into 2 vehicles and headed to Holy Cross Hospital in Dindigul to help set up a camp on their campus. The population in the Dindigul catchment area (approximately 200,000) is very poor (many are day laborers); 50% are Catholic and 50%, Hindu. The women also work, primarily in factories. The Nagercoil Team also brought lab equipment and a pharmacy, which included the medicine they use in their camps around Nagercoil. The trip was 5 hours and 200 miles one way; the Team saw 186 patients with the Sisters and Staff from HCH Dindigul, and returned home that evening – indeed a busy day for all.

HCH Dindigul expected a small clinic, but we were pleasantly surprised. They had a warm welcome for us as the patients gathered, including singing and traditional dancing. One of the physicians, Dr. Rajesh, was very enthusiastic about the structure of the camp and will oversee this camp, as well as others, in the northern extension of Project Starfish.

See pictures of our mission below and join the conversation on Facebook here: New Catchment Area 



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Josh Osmer

15 Aug 2019

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