Good Morning Project Starfish Facebook Followers…I am in India (Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu) now. It has taken 34 hours from Home to Hotel via Atlanta with 180 pounds of luggage (few clothes / lots of “stuff” I call India Love). See picture to see what 34 hours in the air and on the road looks like.
The Hotel is lovely – we stay here every trip – and after a day’s rest (or night’s depending on the time zone one is in) I am ready to hit the ground running! We have clinics (camps) scheduled, site visits for potential camps, a visit to the Mountain Middle School (with Dramamine of course), the Women’s Shelter – to mention a few. And we have some new initiatives…so excited! I’ll give you a hint: teeth ?

This is a good opportunity to thank all of your for your support. Many of the gifts came with birthday wishes..thank you. To be frank, without your donations we would not be doing what we do today – helping those who are underserved. Because of you, we can do some good things in this fragile world ?! Every donation adds up!
Stay tuned as I chronicle Adventures in India!

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Published by

Josh Osmer

26 Nov 2019

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