Children Across Borders had their annual Cricket Cup Fundraising event Sunday and 3 Starfish Girls (plus 1 Starfish Mom) volunteered to watch the kids so their parents could network, play cricket, and eat! CAB has supported Project Starfish since its beginning and we were honored to help them in a small way. Please see CAB’s website ( for the amazing work they do and on Facebook on how they have funded Project Starfish (

In addition Starfish Girls have volunteered at the Metropolitan Ministries Thrift Store in June and December and multiple times at Bay Chapel Food Pantry (…/events/126200). They not only support organizations in the Tampa Bay Area, but also India, such as the the RC Middle School in the mountains of Tamil Nadu ( We are so proud of these young women as they are contributing to communities both here and abroad!

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Josh Osmer

10 Mar 2020

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