Our first day of camp (AKA clinics): We headed to a small village (VethaNager), about 30 min from Holy Cross Hospital, via bus with the Sisters, hospital staff, and nursing students from Salvation Army that are such a vital part of our success. We were greeted by Father Felix and after formal introductions, we immediately began seeing patients. Dr. Kepes has perfected the setup of the room, the documentation process and the overall work flow; it is a fine oiled machine. Patients are registered and then proceed to the various stations: weight/height, lab (including random blood glucose, hemoglobin, and  as indicated, vital signs (temp, pulse, blood pressure, pulse ox [the amount of oxygen in the blood], followed by a thorough intake. The patient is then off to the physicians for an assessment, physical exam, and diagnosis. The final stop is pharmacy for their medicines (free of charge). We also collect sociodemographic data from as well in order for us to get a better understanding of trends and ‘next steps’ in our planning.

Because it was a week day and a new clinic, we saw only 117 patients, of which 25% had diabetes. We felt extremely satisfied that we truly have made a difference in the lives of some of these people we are here to serve.









Published by

Kim Williams

27 Apr 2018

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