Our second day of camp brought us about an hour away from our location to a larger social hall associated again with the Catholic Church. After our initial meeting with the Priest and being introduced, we began clinic. Today we saw over 174 patients! The flow continues, even with the interruption of rain and thunderstorms! The patients clearly fall into similar categories; high blood pressure, issues related to diabetes and lack of routine healthcare. I always leave wondering what occurred before Project Starfish! To say the people are grateful is an understatement. They are dressed in their beautiful saree’s and though they have walked in the hot sun, they come with smiles and thank yous for what we have been able to provide for them. For some it is a follow up to a previous diagnosis, for others it is often the realization of a chronic illness such as diabetes. Our goal is always to leave them with the medication and tools to move forward with their lives after our departure.

We had 2 special little girls that really touched us, one wanting to be a doctor just like Dr. Kepes and the other young girl that was so excited realizing her hair style was the same as Dr. Kepes! You will see in the photos below; a sight that gave us all such pleasure and happiness. Time to go rest up, tomorrow’s clinic is expected to be quite large which only means one good thing, there are more people we can touch and get them back on the road to productive lives.



Published by

Kim Williams

28 Apr 2018

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