Kathadithattu, Nov 24

This is the village of the Sisters of Holy Cross’ driver of 12 years, Babu. I was invited to their son’s first birthday party and I have officially taken the role of “American Aunty”. We have been to this delightful Hindu village last year (actually for a total of 9 times in 5 years) and most certainly it is on our sustainable list. There are 300 families and approximately 1500 people. 110 students go to the government school, where we held our clinics. This village – as well as our other Hindu villages – are the poorest of our communities. Many of the adult villagers are coolies (day workers) or farmers. Oftentimes both parents work so the children play in the school’s playground and are watched by the older villagers until their parents come home. Hence the adage, “it takes a village…” We saw 203 folk.

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Josh Osmer

5 Dec 2019

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