May 6 – May 17, 2020

*Postponed due to COVID-19 Pandemic*

“Southern India was an exhilarating place to visit and serve. The people, colors, smells, noise, foods and chaos will not be easily forgotten. I returned home exhausted with the sense of satisfaction you receive when helping others. However, I am most grateful to the many people I met who my life even more.”           – Pamela, RN; Medical Missions 2016 and 2017

The cost for Project Starfish Medical Mission 2020:

Airfare + Entrance Visa + $1300

$1300 will include

  • All group transportation, including to and from the airport during scheduled times
  • Pioneer Grand Palace Hotel (4 star), double occupancy (single occupancy at an additional cost)
  • All group meals (we provide 3 meals a day) and bottled water 24/7
  • Two optional excursions (included in your cost)
  • Note: The excursions may be changed depending on the size of the group, what our travelers want that is feasible, and what the timeframe is for the clinics (camps). The trips will be interesting and fun!

You will be responsible for

  • Airfare plus optional travel insurance – Project Starfish has a travel agent we have been working with for 3 years who would be happy to work with you.  However, you can make your own arrangements as long as you arrive and depart during scheduled times (early morning May 6 and May 18) (Economy fares vary by location as well as when tickets are purchased; they can range from $1100 – $1600)
  • Entrance Visa – Those requiring a visa will need a Tourist Visa that is issued through the Indian Consulate in the US. The process is easy, and we will guide you through it. The deadline for your application for a tourist visa is March 1, 2020. 

Services to be provided at the clinics (camps)

  • General medical and pediatric care
  • Medications
  • Diabetic screenings and treatment
  • Basic lab tests
  • Diabetes, nutritional, and lifestyle education

“Project Starfish is run by an experienced physician with an MBA, and you can’t get better than this. You will feel fully fulfilled after a Project Starfish mission:  good working environment, good people, good times together, and a lasting feeling of having done some good.”      – Edra, MD; Medical Missions 2014 and 2017

We welcome the participation of all medical and health care professionals — primary care (including family practice, internal medicine, emergency room) and pediatric physicians, nurses, physician assistant, advanced register nurse practitioners, nursing students, pharmacists, and dietitians — and we urge you to donate your time and expertise to our cause. 

We also welcome specialists (doctors, PAs, and ARNPSs) who practice outpatient medicine, such as ob-gyn, ophthalmology, ENT, and dermatology. In addition, non-medical personnel are encouraged to apply; there is always something you can do to help us at the camps.

For those who are interested in a glimpse of last year’s camps, go to

For those of you who are interested:


We have limited space, so apply as soon as possible. 

Kathryn L. Kepes, MD, MBA

Founder and President

Project Starfish, Inc


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