Our final clinic, but  the work has just begun. To truly make these clinics sustainable and to  somehow get ahead of the diabetes issue so many here are facing, we have a lot of work to do. There are questions, ideas and possible solutions we are all  working towards as part of Project Starfish. We have so many stakeholders who want to wrap their arms around this problem and come up with solid solutions.  Please stay tuned to more photos, thoughts and ideas. We are humbled by your interest and your wonderful comments on this important mission.


And now for a few photos to show you the beautiful people of India and some very familiar pleasantries from home: the ice  cream man! The ‘bell’ ring is the same, but they show up on a motorcycle here! As in the US, children, adults and especially nursing students run when they hear that familiar sound. A special thanks goes to Dr. Kepes  for a wonderful treat as the clinic was wrapping up; I for one am now spoiled by these very fresh and tasty goodies!






Published by

Kim Williams

7 May 2018

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