Today, May 6, was to be our first camp in Nagercoil catchment area, Tamil Nadu, India

Obviously, Project Starfish team members are not going. I have been advised that it may be six months to one year before travel to India is recommended. We shall see.

For those that are interested, here is an article on the COVID-19 stats in India. So far, 49,000 cases and 1,693 deaths have been recorded. I am sure there are more.

I have been in close contact with my healthcare friends in Nagercoil. So far, the Kanyakamari district (see map – located at the tip of India) has had 16 cases of the coronavirus but no deaths. However, the number of cases in the state of Tamil Nadu continues to increase; the quarantine continues as well.

The RC Middle school is closed, as are most of the schools.

However, when the quarantine is lifted we will assess the needs of our communities that we serve. Most likely the camps and medical care that Project Starfish provides will be needed and welcomed. We (meaning the American Team) do not have to be there for this to happen.

As an aside, there is a silver lining here:…/the-coronavirus-offers-a-radica…

For now, I am sharing a pot pouri of pictures I took in November 2019 and will add posts of “days gone by” while we patiently wait.

Enjoy the show!

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Josh Osmer

7 May 2020

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