Often when I go to India, I bring several suitcases packed with medical supplies. However, during my November 2019 trip I packed for a different mission: delivering gifts of leggings and socks!
My friend Brigitte Farrell from www.FaceplantDreams.com generously donated socks and leggings to give as gifts to the many people we help, and to those who help us. Faceplant Dreams is based here in Ybor City and makes pajamas, loungewear and socks from sustainably and organically grown bamboo, which is antimicrobial and moisture wicking, so they’re the perfect gift for our friends in India.

Who were the recipients?

The Women’s Shelter in Kanyakamari received leggings. Many of the women at the shelter have severe mental illnesses and/or were abandoned by their families. All of the women have no family to care for them; they will be supported and cared for the rest of their lives at the shelter. We bring them personal items such as soaps, toothbrushes, perfume, shampoo, and washcloths as, per Sister Mary Prakash, “They have nothing”. This year the women received leggings, which they loved! Faceplant bamboo leggings have a skort attached on top of the leggings so they offer more discretion if worn alone, and many of the women found them comfortable to wear under their tunics.

Another recipient was RC Middle School in the mountains of Tamil Nadu. 140 pairs of Faceplant Dreams Bamboo® socks were donated to the school, where it gets very cold at night. The children received socks as one of their Christmas gifts. Many of the students don’t have shoes and sleep on the ground, so these socks were a very special gift to them to keep their feet warm.

And of course, we couldn’t forget the Sisters of Holy Cross. Without the Sisters, Project Starfish would not exist! The Sisters were excited to wear them as footies or slippers in the convent.

And finally the Hospital Staff, whose dedication and expertise make our camps seamless, were given leggings. (We brought the guys t-shirts.)
Faceplant Dreams continues to donate to Project Starfish and you can take advantage of their philanthropic spirit as well! As a special deal for friends of Project Starfish, Faceplant has offered 25% off your order, PLUS they’ll donate an additional 10% of your purchase price to us here at Project Starfish – a win-win!

Just visit their website at www.faceplantdreams.com between now and June 30, 2020 and use code Starfish2510 to purchase comfy bamboo loungewear, jammies, slippers or other giftable goodies and help out Project Starfish while you shop.

Thank you to Faceplant Dreams, and all of our partners and friends who support Project Starfish. We couldn’t do what we do without you.

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Published by

Josh Osmer

11 May 2020

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