Time permitting, I try to take a side trip to Kochi (the most densely populated city in Kerala) when I go to India. “Black Pepper was the black gold which brought the European traders and seafarers to the shores of Kerala, and over time Kochi became the hub of the spice markets” – which still prospers today. I always buy spices when I visit this delightful (and yes, touristy) destination. Once home, I gather a team to mix Masalas for gifts to Project Starfish Partners and/or donations (100% of the $10 per jar goes to Project Starfish). We have 4 different types of Masalas (including Chat, Pav Bhaji and Channa), but the most famous (yes, known in many Indian cooking circles) is Project Starfish’s Garam Masala. This month the Starfish Girls got together to mix the spices (shhh…the recipe is a secret) for mass distribution. We will have them available at our booth during She for Her (March 22), Summerfest (April 11), and FAPI (Florida Association of Physicians of Indian Origin, May 23) Conference. Enjoy the pictures – from the spice shops in Kochi to the Starfish Girls in Tampa adding the spices for the masalas!

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Published by

Josh Osmer

1 Mar 2020

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