Greetings from Nagercoil! Our team arrived safely and after a nap to help with the jet lag, we took off for Holy Cross Hospital. Watching Dr. Kepes reunite with the Sisters was so heartwarming. The bond that has been formed between Project Starfish and the hospital staff is palpable; their deep trust and admiration for each other along with the desire to continually improve the care of the people in this community is ever present.
As with any program, the details are critical to our success. Medical in take forms have been reviewed and revamped along with educational handouts and patient data documentation. Additionally there were discussions about several new endeavors that are on the horizon; a mobile bus that would be able to care for patients anywhere, regardless of where the need may arise. Dr. Kepes is a planner and a visionary that truly works to create a sustainable process that will improve the lives of a very underserved yet deserving community. It hasn’t taken long to understand; we are all human and regardless of our spoken language, color of our skin or socioeconomic background, we deserve basic healthcare.

We are so excited to share our experience with all of you and thank you for so much support and encouragement!




Published by

Kim Williams

24 Apr 2018

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