Where have the travelers from Project Starfish been?
Very busy in the camps (clinics), I must say.
For a brief summary, we held 9 camps (see the map) and saw 1700+ patients total.
Of the villages we visited, 3 were catholic, 2 Muslim, 2 Hindu, 1 CSA (Protestant), and 1 mixed (Catholic / Hindu).Why does that matter (after all, Project Starfish is a secular organization)? Because there is a discernible difference in the incidence of diabetes. Why? Diet may be the culprit (Hindus as a whole do not eat meat), but there are other factors we are teasing out, such as life style and hereditary. This information will help us in our treatment and patient education.
We will add more pictures and details, as well as our other activities in Southern India. Stay tuned…this is just the beginning of our Spring 2019 adventure!

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Josh Osmer

8 May 2019

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